"Better Than Everclear"

That was what we heard following our 2016 Portland Rose Festival performance - after they stopped chanting our name and calling for an encore that is - from the large crowd that had gathered inside our tent.

Halfway through our set in the Rose City tent our crowd multiplied. A lot.

We were located directly in front of the entrance/exit to the main stage at this year's festival featuring Everclear. Right around 9:45, after we had been playing for a good 20 minutes, we noticed a very heavy stream of people passing our tent and leaving the main event area and they didn't just keep walking - they turned, listened to us for a few seconds and the promptly proceeded to enter our tent and settle in.

Within 10 minutes the beer tent was full, inside and out, with people standing outside listening and dancing. 

We were warned prior to going on stage that due to City ordinances, the music had to stop at 10:30PM, SHARP. They told us police would be called if the music kept going. 

Full, engaged audience, 10:07PM, sound guy is telling us we have one more song and then he'll cut the power... what could we do?

We hit them with "Ballad of a Small Town Drunk".

And the crowd went NUTS!

"Brass Tacks! Brass Tacks!"
"You can't cut them off!"
"You can't cut US off!"
"Encore! Encore! Encore!"
"Why aren't you guys signed?!"
"You should have been on the main stage."
"I'm a huge Everclear fan and I would have rather paid to see you guys."

All of the wonderful things we heard as we exited the stage. Sadly we couldn't give the crowd what they were asking for since the sound guys cut power and lights to the stage right when our song ended (again, city ordinances, not the staff's fault).

So we pulled out the ole' acoustic instruments and gave some of the new fans that hung around a mini-encore.

It was an amazing show to say the least and we're extremely thankful for Josh Malm Tree of Redwood Son for inviting us out to play and Portland Rose Festival for having us. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

First Annual Birkfoot

Over Memorial Day Weekend we had the pleasure of playing at the first annual Birkfoot held at the famous Birkin Clatskanie Oregon.

Miss Ellanea of Vortex Magazine was kind enough to attend the event and catch some amazing photos of all the acts playing over the weekend. 

Let us tell ya, if you haven't been to The Birk - GO. After all "it's not that far." It's an amazing little roadhouse out in the middle of nowhere, 106 years old, halfway to Astoria from Portland, and run by the sweetest kind-hearted music and people-loving couple. 

The entire upstairs is a hostel so there are plenty of beds to crash in after you enjoy whatever talented music is playing there and they also offer camping in the warmer months. 

Photos courtesy of Miss Ellanea of Vortex Magazine.


For those of you who don’t follow us on social media *hint-hint* we recently had the privilege of being asked to join a list of prominent local artists and shoot an episode for PDX Spotlight at Portland Community Media. PDX Spotlight is an amazing local, volunteer-run and highly professional TV and YouTube show that highlights local musicians and talent in the greater Portland metropolitan area along with it’s surroundings. Each month they produce a new episode that airs on Comcast and keeps a permanent residency on their YouTube channel. We can’t begin to thank everyone for this huge opportunity, not to mention it was downright FUN.

The night started out a little shaky to be honest. We’ve all had experience setting up a stage and running through sound check, Ed Rei of Sonusman made it probably the easiest setup and sound check of our lives so far, but the video recording was a little different. None of us have had any experience being filmed while playing, especially not with multiple big cameras pointed at us, men and women with handhelds scurrying around at odd angles to get unique shots and no one clapping or shouting when you finish a song due to having to prepare for the next take. After our first song though we could feel the tension in our music ease as we fell into a more comfortable form and shook off the jitters. It helped a lot when we started to notice those serious camera men and women start tapping their toes and bobbing their heads to our music.

Following the songs being recorded and a couple retakes to get the best possible versions we sat down the the hostess Natasha Haynes for the interview part of the show. In our usual fashion we probably took up more time than we should have cracking jokes with Natasha and the crew but it’s just one of those things we can’t help. We like to have a good time and we like to  make people laugh. We can’t tell you everything we talked about in the interview (there’d be no reason for you to watch it if we did) but we touched on some light hearted subjects, as well as the more serious side of music, even bringing a tear or two from the crew.

After the whirlwind of action was done Kelly Jones of Portland Notes (another GREAT source for local Portland area music scene updates and info) took the time to sit down with us for a brief interview. She wrote a beautiful article and included a short informal audio interview that you can Check Out Here!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for regular updates and photos, subscribe to our blog here, and stay tuned for our PDX Spotlight episode set to air in May!


It’s not every day that your brother proposes to the love of his life. It’s also not every day that Eli Howard’s brother asks your band to play a song for him when he arrives back home with his girlfriend to surprise her with a proposal.

Eli Howard and Andy Good spent the night before and the morning of the proposal writing and rehearsing a new original song specifically for the event titled Brother Jesse (that will be on our next album). While Jesse took Marissa to his parents house for dinner, members of Brass Tacks slipped his garage to practice the song a few more times before they returned. We’ll let the video explain the rest…..

On another adorable note, while we practiced the song waiting for Jesse and Marissa to return, a group of young kids across the street decided they wanted to be in a band as well, pulling out 5 gallon buckets and brooms to jam along with us. Eli Howard decided to let their lead guitar player borrow his guitar for a little while after Marissa said yes. First we inspired some youth to play music, and then we helped love grow. Could not have asked for a better day.

Congratulations Jesse and soon-to-be Marissa Howard!!


After the Molalla Buckeroo is done it’s a standard tradition to go the local watering hole, and now to see Brass Tacks. It’s also our one year anniversary of being a live performing band and we are beyond blessed and excited to have played at the Wild Horse again. Where some might say we got our start. The turnout was insane. Standing room only outside and the interior of the bar was a ghost town except for when someone quickly went inside to get another drink. Thank you to Fortune Takes Time and our good friends Blue City Diesel for playing with us. And a VERY big heartfelt thanks to our special gues Fence, laying down harmonies all night… wouldn’t have been the same without you brother. Oregon Country.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we parted ways with our bass player Emerson Budreau.

Introducing our new bass player Michael Fowler.

As a multi instrumentalist, Mike has been a great addition to the band. With the understanding of the several parts that it takes to make a band such as ours work as well as adding his own unique styles and ideas to each part.

With several years of musical knowledge and experience we are very pleased to have a musician of his caliber playing bass with us.

Photo: Drew Peterson


Headed in tomorrow to get the pressings made of our EP. Here’s a picture of what the CD and the cover art will be. If you want a copy, make sure you all get out to Buffalo Bills Saloon, for our New Year’s Eve/CD release party.

All of us want to thank everyone that has supported us in making this happen, and all the people that have come out to watch us play and listen to our music.

One more GIANT thank you to Ben Dial of Myroom Records. To any musicians out there looking to record, we strongly suggest working with him. He was patient, open to ideas, and brought out the best in our playing. Have a great Sunday from all of us!


We had a blast playing this event. It’s so nice to see the community come together to enjoy all the local talent surging through Molalla. Not to mention being a part of a growing yearly event. It truly was a pleasure sharing the stage with Sideshow, Sawtell, Samsel and the Skirt, The Vandies, This Fair City, Manic Messenger, Demure, Harken, My Friend ID, Crush, and the local Barn Party Host & Legend, Kyle TenEyck.