It’s not every day that your brother proposes to the love of his life. It’s also not every day that Eli Howard’s brother asks your band to play a song for him when he arrives back home with his girlfriend to surprise her with a proposal.

Eli Howard and Andy Good spent the night before and the morning of the proposal writing and rehearsing a new original song specifically for the event titled Brother Jesse (that will be on our next album). While Jesse took Marissa to his parents house for dinner, members of Brass Tacks slipped his garage to practice the song a few more times before they returned. We’ll let the video explain the rest…..

On another adorable note, while we practiced the song waiting for Jesse and Marissa to return, a group of young kids across the street decided they wanted to be in a band as well, pulling out 5 gallon buckets and brooms to jam along with us. Eli Howard decided to let their lead guitar player borrow his guitar for a little while after Marissa said yes. First we inspired some youth to play music, and then we helped love grow. Could not have asked for a better day.

Congratulations Jesse and soon-to-be Marissa Howard!!