First show for you fans is in the books. Not only did we have the privelage to play for our home town on the 4th of July, and if anyone reading this has ever been in Molalla during Buckeroo season you know how big that is, but we broke in the brand new stage at the Wild Horse. First band to ever play on it.

The crowd was amazing, the turnout was amazing, all of you were amazing, but probably the most is amazing thing was at the end of our show. We closed it as we always do when we play together, with Eli Howard taking us out to the tune of our National Anthem. Just as he started playing, the fireworks from the Molalla Buckeroo kicked off, and almost on cue as Howard’s guitar riff of “the bombs bursting in air” finished and the crowd hung in silence….. three huge firework bursts boomed over our head. The crowd went nuts and we all had chills. It was absolutely perfectly chanced timing.