"Better Than Everclear"

That was what we heard following our 2016 Portland Rose Festival performance - after they stopped chanting our name and calling for an encore that is - from the large crowd that had gathered inside our tent.

Halfway through our set in the Rose City tent our crowd multiplied. A lot.

We were located directly in front of the entrance/exit to the main stage at this year's festival featuring Everclear. Right around 9:45, after we had been playing for a good 20 minutes, we noticed a very heavy stream of people passing our tent and leaving the main event area and they didn't just keep walking - they turned, listened to us for a few seconds and the promptly proceeded to enter our tent and settle in.

Within 10 minutes the beer tent was full, inside and out, with people standing outside listening and dancing. 

We were warned prior to going on stage that due to City ordinances, the music had to stop at 10:30PM, SHARP. They told us police would be called if the music kept going. 

Full, engaged audience, 10:07PM, sound guy is telling us we have one more song and then he'll cut the power... what could we do?

We hit them with "Ballad of a Small Town Drunk".

And the crowd went NUTS!

"Brass Tacks! Brass Tacks!"
"You can't cut them off!"
"You can't cut US off!"
"Encore! Encore! Encore!"
"Why aren't you guys signed?!"
"You should have been on the main stage."
"I'm a huge Everclear fan and I would have rather paid to see you guys."

All of the wonderful things we heard as we exited the stage. Sadly we couldn't give the crowd what they were asking for since the sound guys cut power and lights to the stage right when our song ended (again, city ordinances, not the staff's fault).

So we pulled out the ole' acoustic instruments and gave some of the new fans that hung around a mini-encore.

It was an amazing show to say the least and we're extremely thankful for Josh Malm Tree of Redwood Son for inviting us out to play and Portland Rose Festival for having us. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.