First Annual Birkfoot

Over Memorial Day Weekend we had the pleasure of playing at the first annual Birkfoot held at the famous Birkin Clatskanie Oregon.

Miss Ellanea of Vortex Magazine was kind enough to attend the event and catch some amazing photos of all the acts playing over the weekend. 

Let us tell ya, if you haven't been to The Birk - GO. After all "it's not that far." It's an amazing little roadhouse out in the middle of nowhere, 106 years old, halfway to Astoria from Portland, and run by the sweetest kind-hearted music and people-loving couple. 

The entire upstairs is a hostel so there are plenty of beds to crash in after you enjoy whatever talented music is playing there and they also offer camping in the warmer months. 

Photos courtesy of Miss Ellanea of Vortex Magazine.